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Pisando Ovos · Rut Balbís

Pisando Ovos · Rut Balbís



Contemporary dance company from 2004, resident of Ensalle Theatre in Vigo and directed by Rut Balbís.


The base of its projects is the search for its own artistic language working with the body and the movement through the contemporary creation, reflected in the use of images and slow times. 

Pisando Ovos has created 9 dance pieces to participate in the autonomous and national theatres, as well as in some of the most outstanding national and international dance festivals:

·Directo 9,  Teatro Ensalle, Vigo, 2018

·Give it a spin, Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid, 2015

·Peza 7, Teatro Ensalle, Vigo, 2014

·Que volvan as flores, Teatro Ensalle, Vigo, 2014

·Tres, Pazo da Cultura de Narón, 2009

·Menos 1, Teatro Ensalle, Vigo, 2008

·30000, Salón Teatro, Santiago de Compostela, 2007

·No intre 1800, Teatro Ensalle, Vigo, 2006

·N8OHX, Teatro Ensalle, Vigo, 2005


She receives the first award in the “XXI Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid” in 2007 with a short part of the dance piece called No Intre 1800.


Ourense - Spain 1979

GALICIAN CRITICAL AWARD for performing arts in 2019.

Creator-choreographer, performer and teacher of movement arts, she has a degree in C.C. of Physical Activity and Sports and performs the One Year Certificate in Contemporary Dance at The Place (London).


She has directed her own company Pisando Ovos since 2004 with which she received the first prize of the XXI Choreographic Contest in Madrid in 2007. The company has nine creations with which he regularly participates in the networks of regional and national theaters, as well as in some of the most outstanding national or international festivals in the current programmes of living arts.


In parallel to her project with Pisando Ovos, she collaborates with other theater and dance companies in directing and advising on movements such as Las Tricotouses, Chévere, Traspediante, Voadora, Paula Quintas, Masamadre and the Centro Dramático Galego; and also as an performer with Matarile Teatro, Iker Gómez, Lipi Hernández or Licenciada Sotelo.


Rut participates in different audiovisual projects such as the video dance Danza na Terra (Vilaboy) and Katiuska (Antón Coucheiro), or in the short film Marcela e Elisa of Toño Chouza.


As a teacher, she has directed the Normal Dance Classroom of the University of A Coruña for thirteen years and is currently part of the Coop Scenic Laboratory professional dance training teaching team from A Coruña.


In addition, she is a member of the RPM Collective and a regular collaborator in the movement arts section of the Diario Cultural of Radio Galega.





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