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In 2018 the staff of Pisando Ovos is:



Choreographer, performer and Contemporary dance teacher with a degree in “C.C. de la Actividad Física y del Deporte”. 

She also studied “One Year Certificate” in Contemporary Dance in The Place (London). 

Nowadays, she combines Pisando Ovos with the position as a dance teacher in the Dance Room of the University of A Coruña from 2005. Moreover, she collaborates with other dance companies: Matarile Teatro, Las Tricotouses, Airenoar, Licenciada Sotelo, Lipi Hernández, Traspediante, Iker Gómez, Chévere, Cristina Montero, Paula Pintos… 

She forms part of “The Hunter Lodge”, collective created from the European project “Choreoroam 2012” and the RPM Collective.





Jas Processor, one of the most versatile DJs of the Galician scene for over 15 years, is a hunter and a researcher of the past and contemporary dancing music tendencies. Being a restless collector, he has showed, in his sets alone and in different projects, not to leave people indifferent, making them vibrate and dance with a dynamic and vitalistic style. 

One of his most interesting characteristics is his ability to “process” sound and songs creatively and the use of live Dub and remix techniques as his own language to interact with his audience and other artists. 

The cultural reality he lives in and his knowledge have led him to promote and cooperate in different projects such as “República Disco Apocalipso”, “Soundiggers and “Soundkilla Crew”. It has to be emphasized his collaboration in “Os atardeceres do Gaiás”, “Festival Curtocircuito”, “Festival 58”, “Carballo Interplay”, “Foundation Reggae Festival”, “Vibra Balboa”, “Reperkusión” and clubs such as “Le Club”, “El 14!”, “Patachim”, “La Huelga”, J”aranaclub” and “Puticlú” among others.

From 2016 to 2020 he has developed his work through 7H Cooperativa Cultural.





Lighting designer since 2003, he works with Sergio Zearreta, Teatro da Lúa, Avelino González, Contado Hormigas, D2, Centro Dramático Galego, Pista 4, Teatro de Adro, Voadora, Talía Teatro, Uxía Vaello, Elefante Elegante, Cándido Pazó, Abrapalabra, Obras Públicas, Mago Teto, Airenoar,...

He has also designed stage sets for several shows, he was assistant director directed the show Figurantes of D2 company.


He has received the 2008 María Casares Award for lighting A Pirauga and several nominations in later editions.





Manager, producer and distributor of companies like Airenoar, Matarile Teatro, Las Tricotouses,  Ánxela Blanco, La Tía Mardalina, Danesga, D2, Malalúa, En Pe de Pedra, Teatro Galán, Monica Cofiño, Nuria Sotelo, Mundo Villalustre, Helen Bertels, Voadora, Sapristi, Ivan Marcos, Peripecia,....


Currently he are working from the brand and is the author of and


Formed in Cultural Management from the UOC and complemented with Project Management and Cultural Public Spaces, International Cooperation, Business Management and Digital Dissemination of cultural activities.




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