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No intre 1800

No intre 1800



Menos 1

Menos 1





Peza 7

Peza 7


Idea, creation and performers: David Loira and Rut Balbis

Lighting Design: Afonso Castro

Music: Craig Amstrong, Massive Attack

Photography: Teresa Babío and Manu Lago

Video: Teresa de la Hera


N8 0HX is a contemporary dance show for all audiences. Distance. This piece tells how distances stand between human relationships and condition them. Two dancers share the same space that changes dimensions and, in the same way, the distances between them change. Two lying in the green with the blue on top wishing that the silence does its thing, moving to skin on earth and earth on skin. Breathing happens, it's like falling into the sky.


Show premiered in May 2005 at the Isto Ferve Festival of the Ensalle Theater in Vigo. 50 minutes.




Idea, creation and performers: Rut Balbís and David Loira.

Lighting Design: Afonso Castro.

Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto, Violet vision, Craig Armstrong

Costume and space: Pisando Ovos

Inchaurras, volcano, acrobats in Japan, farewell, a lot of love, am I wrong, do you sleep with me? without legs, without effort, in search of acorns, the grandparents, in Pé de Pedra, my return to the theater, talking on the phone with a dragon, when it is not night, the bottle man, waiting without understanding anything ... This piece is born thanks to those small moments that wind our lives, but also to the search itself, waiting, the company and the sum of two moments. It is our moment. BOOM !! Here we are ... Let us just dance the time that is ours, the time that touches us ... Just an instant ...


Premiered at the Ensalle Theater in Vigo on December 8, 2006. 50 minutes

Street version premiered at the International Dance Festival for walkers En Pé de Pedra, July 2006, Santiago de Compostela. 20 minutes.




Creation: David Loira, Rut Balbis and Damián Muñoz

Performers: Erick Jiménez and Rut Balbis

Lighting Design: Afonso Castro

Space: Damián Muñoz

Costume: Pisando Ovos

Music: Collage 

Graphic Design: Julia Nuñez

Production: Pisando Ovos - Centro Coreográfico Galego

Collaborators: Teatro Ensalle, Teatro Galán, Concello de Oleiros

And you, what would you do with 30,000 euros? We tried to change him as little as possible. This show invites reflection on the role of money in today's society and the relationships between money and people.

Premiered at the Teatro  Principal of Santiago de Compostela on June 2, 2007. 55 minutes.




Creation and performer: Rut Balbis

Direction Assitant: Marina Carón 

Lighting Design: Afonso Castro

Production: Pisando Ovos

Collaborator: Teatro Ensalle 


The subtraction of two gives me a 1. Because I talk about what happens to me, because I talk about what I feel, because I live a moment of solitude, and in a society of individuality. A world in which the opposite sides are not so far apart, in which the change from one state to another happens continuously, where laughter turns into something sad and falls into an elegant moment. Work in which images are confused, where shapes change into what they are not, a moment to laugh and feel, a new moment to add. Proposal that becomes a new world full of possibilities that I will try to enjoy.


Premiered at the Ensalle Theater in Vigo on October 3, 2008. 50 minutes.




Creation and performers Andrea Quintana, Janet Novás and Rut Balbis

Direction: Rut Balbis

Direction assitant: Afonso Castro

Lighting and space Design: Afonso Castro

Sound space: Soyuz

Desing and comunication: miramemira


TRES teaches us the encounters and disagreements of three women conditioned by their sexuality and their personal experiences about her. Encounters that are defined between the individual and the common, fantasy and obsessions, the mimicry of bodies, and all this in a new world in which they can rediscover themselves. The piece is an exploration of the possibilities and limits of the body through the combination of different disciplines with which they try to find new and personal records that range from the most radical to the most minimalist movements.


Premiered at the Pazo da Cultura de Narón on October 31, 2009. 60 minutes.




Creation and interpretation : Rut Balbís

Lighting design: Afonso Castro

Collaboration: Normal, Manu Lago

Production: Pisando Ovos

Direct encounter with the memory of my body that returns me to the physical states and memories that are now part of the present and build Peza 7 ”


Premiered in Festival SeisCordas, Teatro Ensalle, Vigo, November 28, 2014. 20 minutes.



Creation and interpretation: Rut Balbis

Assistant director: Janet Novás

Lighting Design: Afonso Castro

Lighting stage technician: Afonso Castro/ Fili

Production: Pisando Ovos

Collaborators: NORMAL, Coreógrafos en Comunidad, miramemira, Santos Salgado, Leo López and Manu Lago

A practise to create point-in-time images, a dance piece reshaped in each performance.

Taking detachment as the starting point and moving to the actions under the routine of “reshaping” each dance piece, with the participation of the audience, faces a different moment. This is why most of the practises, during the creation of the piece, were open to the public. The performance itself deals with the process of creation, being reshaped at the same time that it is performed.

QUE VOLVAN AS FLORES is formed by 25 chairs which build the images that are reconstructed and deconstructed, inviting the audience to fill in the gaps with their gazes.

An open and alive dance piece which is transformed as time goes by.

Premiered on May 26 and 27, 2014 -Teatro Ensalle, Vigo-Spain. 50 minutes.

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