It is the new project of the company Pisando Ovos for the celebration of its 15th anniversary.


Replay are a series of choreographic encounters by Rut Balbís with emerging dance artists from Galicia in which dance and electronic music coexist with the DJ Jas Processor.


Today more than ever, collaboration between artists and companies in Galicia is necessary. Of course to be able to feed back and nurture ourselves from the artistic universes of other creators, but above all to generate new job opportunities and alternative ways of bringing our proposals closer to the public.



In this first Replay, the dancer and choreographer Alba Fernández Cotelo of Exire Co.,  winner of Sólodos En Danza Ourense 2017 Award, is invited to be part of the project.


Reaplay, Reapeat.

We press ON again in the GIVE IT A SPIN with more enthusiasm and strength than ever after an unprecedented historical moment. A repetition where to resume the action and the pulse following the wake of the vinyl. Meanwhile, the crossing of the bodies and the exchange in relation to movement and music make Replay give yet another turn to the show GIVE it a spin by Pisando Ovos with the special collaboration of Alba Fernández Cotelo · Exire Co. and her piece ON, transforming into a performance action with the closing of a session of DJ Jas Processor.


Creation: Jas Processor, Rut Balbís and Alba Fdez. Cotelo

Performers: Alba Fdez Cotelo and Jas Processor

Lenght: 25 minutes + 25 minutes of DJ session

Management: Manu Lago  · Galicia Danza


Audiovisual: Ángel Sousa

​Video teaser: Festival USCénica

Photography: Festival USCénica

With the support of: Laboratorio Escénico Coop. A Coruña

Replay is premiered in Festival USCénica  of Santiago de Compostela on Jully 3º in 2020.

On July 22 is performed in Pontevedra in Artes Vivas 2020.